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Take control of the air and the health of your company

Is it mandatory to have a CO2 meter in my business?

CO2 meters are already mandatory in many regions of Spain and as compulsory arises in sectors such as hospitality and public schools.


During and after Covid-19 , CO2 meters are here to stay.

They are not only helping in the prevention of viral diseases ; they will also be necessary for compliance with regulations regarding indoor air quality.


"The Community of Madrid raises the obligation of CO2 meters in the hospitality industry."
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"Government forces bars and restaurants to install CO2 meters in order to remain open"
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Why install a CO2 meter?




The spaces that have meters installed are healthier, they give confidence to their customers; especially in places where people can concentrate at certain times such as hotels, gyms or entertainment venues.

Aula sin alumnos



CO2 is the best indicator of virus concentration. In this way, we can maintain a properly ventilated interior, reducing the chances of contagion.




It is easy to install and reliable. The measurement is continuous, it does not depend on someone controlling it. The meter sends data that the user can see through a computer screen or App and understand the level of air quality.

What type of meter should I install in my business?

Recommendations for choosing a meter are based in the first place, on taking into account the mobility of the same. If the device is going to be in a fixed place ... many companies offer devices connected to light or "plug-in".

And secondly, to know the space to be covered in square meters. Among which we can choose a wide range of options.






What if I need to move it or cover more space?
What if I have a small store?

The TALES180º meter is a system that adapts to your needs



Connect what you need


TALES180º combines a fixed matrix sensor connected to the electrical network; with mobile sensors .

Connect one or more mobile sensors depending on the space you need   and move them whenever you want.



Visualize the data easily


Access all data in real time from your computer.


A simple and understandable interface   so that you can take the necessary ventilation measures.

Customize your system without the need to make large investments.

If you want to take control of the health of the air in your business, contact us and we will analyze the best option for your case WITHOUT COMMITMENT.

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