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Returning to work after COVID-19

As vaccinations progress, businesses, organizations, and public entities consider reopening and employees return to workplaces.

We have learned a lot from this last year; as the importance of a good ventilation of the spaces. Now more than ever, preventing the spread and infection of COVID-19 in shared workspaces and other work environments is becoming more urgent to avoid taking steps back.

Long-range aerosol contagion.

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, there is a part of that mucosa that remains in the air for a time. And furthermore, these tiny respiratory droplets can travel in the air far from their source.

If we do not ventilate the air, over the course of several hours, the concentration of the virus in the air can become very high. In fact, in hospital settings or in the homes of infected people, the concentration in the air can be so high that simply breathing in this environment can lead to an infection.

Can sensor devices help protect against viruses like COVID-19?

The first protective measure is to maintain social distance, wash your hands, and wear masks. However, when control protocols are needed, meters, sensors or air purifiers are necessary.

The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) indoors is a good anti-COVID measure. When we breathe, we emit carbon dioxide, and when several people are in a room for a certain time, this concentration increases. If these people are also talking to each other or on the phone, these levels will rise even faster. A device capable of measuring this gas, as do the TALES180º sensors and the AIRTALES portable sensor, allows us to know if the room is well ventilated or not based on the accumulated concentration.

Safer spaces with "Aerosol Alert"

To improve safety and peace of mind for space users, our networked sensor system incorporates the “Aerosol Alert” function. Receive a risk of contagion alert when there is a worrying buildup of CO2 in the room. In this way, corrective measures for gauging and ventilation can be taken; and keeping both workers and visitors in a safe environmental environment.

Monitor your building without spending more

Now you can monitor your business or company with a sensor system adapted to your needs. Connect one or more mobile sensors depending on the space you need and move them whenever you want.

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