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contaminant-free interiors

Our sensor systems dovisible indoor pollutionto ensure the health and comfort of people.


An easy and precise tool

In real time

Connected sensors analyze and send air quality data in real time.

simple interface

Easy and understandable so you can understand the data and take the necessary measures.

180º vision

A networked system that offers a complete and localized vision.

Indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted

Analyzes up to 11 air pollutant particles that affect the health and productivity of people in their direct environments.

Alert for accumulation of aerosols

Measuring CO2 levels is a valuable indicator of contagion by aerosols and monitoring for capacity control in closed spaces.


Connect with your building or your city. 

An IoT platform based on FIWARE, to create a simple data interface; that allows the visualization of the environmental quality of your building or SmartCity.

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