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Why is it important to measure CO2 levels?

Air quality monitoring plays a key role as a measure ofprevention against the spread of COVID-19 in indoor environmentsand contributing to the reduction of infections.

measure theCO2 levels is a valuable indicatorof contagion by aerosols and facilitates the control of capacity and ventilation in spaces.


why measure air quality

air renewal

To activate the protocolAIR RENEWALcontrolled, by opening windows and doors that can lead to cross ventilation.

Use of masks

To minimize the effects ofPROLONGED USEof the masks, which suppose the appearance of other diseases related to the mucous membranes and skin.

Capacity Control

Allow CONTROL THE CAPACITYof sick people to a room, by monitoring access and detecting body temperature.

contamination risk

To notify ofRISK OF CONTAMINATIONby aerosols, if people are concentrated in a room or classroom raising the tone of voice excessively.

Improve AQI

To improve theINTERIOR QUALITY INDEX, activating the purifier that will be able to eliminate polluting particles, viruses and bacteria.

continued exposure

To avoid theCONTINUED EXHIBITIONto contaminants from viruses or bacteria, and from furniture manufacturing materials or building construction materials.

Performance and wellness

To increase well-being y THE PERFORMANCEin the tasks of workers and students, where noise is an obvious parameter that alters the performance of people.

Energy efficiency

To control theENERGY EFFICIENCY, even integrating itself into the building's home automation system and achieving savings on the electricity bill in the extreme winter or summer months.

Aerosol Alert

When several people are in a room for a certain time, the concentration of CO2 rises. If these people are also talking to each other or on the phone, these levels will rise even faster.Adevice capable of measuring this gas, such as TALES180º, allows us to know if the room is well ventilated or not based on the accumulated concentration.

More about Air Quality


Solutions for companies and public spaces

We work to improve air quality in all types of projects and buildings. Contact us for a technical assessment without obligation.

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