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Airflow reduces the risk of contagion in your facilities by 99%.

This solution offers aclean and quality air 24 HOURS, combining the detection of gases and particulate matter (PM) harmful to health.

With a simple data visualization and connected to the most efficient disinfection equipment, withHEPA FILTERS, ACTIVATED CARBONand technology ofUV-C RADIATION.


Split Type Surface Mount

  • This kit is ideal forreceptions, halls andplaces of continued attention to the public.

  • I knowinstall easilyto the wall and plugged into the network.

  • Disinfection capacity of a room of16 m2.


False ceiling mounting

  • This equipment is indicated forlarge rooms, meeting rooms, bar counters,etc..

  • Mounting on a false ceiling, on one side there are 1-3 inlet air intakes and 1 outlet with diffusers. Our technicians will install it in a very short time without the need for work.

  • It is capable of disinfecting32 m2 room.


Indoor sensor system (network)

  • Indicated to coverall kinds of rooms.

  • Easy installationand commissioning. 

  • No m2 limit.Technical proposal adapted to the needs.


Solutions for companies and public spaces

We work to improve air quality in all types of projects and buildings. Contact us for a technical assessment without obligation.

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