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Solutions for greener cities.

The TALES180º outdoor system facilitates the deployment of environmental sensors formodernization of cities, guaranteeing a clean and sustainable environment for citizens.

Image by Abigail  Keenan

Environmental Needs

Most of the Spanish population lives in large urban areas. Due,pollution has increased exponentiallyand unhealthy for people.

Our sensor system allowsconnect environmental parametersthat today's cities need:

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Look out

air quality and meteorological parameters.

To identify

pollution sources and mitigate them.


weather events such as floods or earthquakes.

Take decisions

based on data for political and urban planning.


Installation and operation of the system

The device is installed on a pole or wall (preferably 270° opening) between 4-5 meters high. The systemcollect air samplesat a predefined frequency taking takes multiple readings during the sampling time and performs data processing.

During this cycle time, theThe device expels the old air sample and draws a new one.

After each sampling, the data processing systemsends the processed data to the central serverusing a built-in communication module.


Data accessibility

The information provided allows to obtain a global vision for the improvement of thepolitical planningand infrastructure. In addition to offering atransparent information system for citizens.

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Environmental monitoring architecture

  • monitoringIndustrial

  • Monitoring Airport Pollution

  • monitoring ofConstruction Zones

  • monitoring ofVehicles

  • Pollution Monitoring inUrban Centers y  Residential Areas



Easy installation and quick connection between equipment and data platform.


Low acquisition and maintenance cost compared to other systems.


Data storage in the Cloud without the need to travel.


Airport and ports

Pollution and noise monitoring on taxiways and around terminals makes it easier for airport authorities to analyze their impact on travelers and the surrounding neighbourhoods.


Campus and urbanizations

Pollution monitoring allows citizens to become aware of environmental conditions and make better decisions. Certifications “Green Building”, “Green Campus”.


roads and tunnels

Pollution monitoring can enable authorities to draw up a pollution mitigation action plan. Automatically activate the tunnel fans if the alerts go off.


Smart cities

Pollution monitoring at strategic locations in a smart city enables city authorities to obtain actionable information for pollution control.

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