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The TALES 180º sensor system makes visible the risk index of contagion by aerosols thanks to the continuous monitoring of the accumulation of CO2.

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Network connectivity

The system combines the action of a fixed matrix sensor with mobile sensors in strategic locations, creating an environmental quality map of the building.

Matrix sensor fixed to wall and connected to power supply.

Mobile sensors for offices, classrooms or other strategic areas.

Manual switching of the matrix sensor.

Real-time measurement of polluting particles, temperature and humidity.

Network connection and Fiware powered by FIWOO technology.

Personalized environmental visualization dashboard.

Visualization of alerts by zones.

A 180º view of the building's environmental quality.

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Clean Air. More health.

Continuous monitoring of the status of indoor air quality allows taking the necessary corrective actions to improve indoor air quality and people's health.

Better compression of the cross ventilation and the general health of the air inside the building.

Greater control over ventilation, efficiency and sustainability of spaces.

Easy installation and fast connection between equipment and data platform.


Real-time monitoring of air quality.

Calculation of the contagion probability index under standardized parameters .

Study and technical advice of the needs of each building.


Dashboard access


Immediate access to building quality data. Our technical team configures the control panel and data software to suit your building.


Easy data understanding and access to alerts and warnings by connected sensors.


Partners and Alliances


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